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28 days since our breakdown
By Dick Smith
Sep 26, 2007, 10:46

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Pip and I were to depart Sydney today on an overnight flight by Emirates Airlines to Dubai, thence a direct flight to Almaty (arriving on Thursday afternoon) to continue with the drive. 


Of course that was the plan if the vehicle had been repaired, however we have not been able to get an answer about this.  From what we can make out, Bagdat from the Ford dealer in Almaty now requires a special tool to remove the flywheel in order to reach the branch tube that needs to be replaced.  If this is so (we have not been able to confirm this with Bagdat or get any message to or from him), it could mean quite a few more days of delay because of the time it will take to get the tools through customs.


We cannot understand why the tools were not organised weeks ago, because Ford in Dubai had said that some special tools would be required.


From what we can make out, the parts that were sent from Jeddah 21 days ago have still not been fitted to the Earthroamer.


It is all very frustrating.  We desperately want to get on with the around the world drive because every day means that winter is getting closer and we may be stranded on the roads in Mongolia or Siberia in metre deep snow.


We will keep you posted the second we know anything.



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