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The Delivery Trip Last Updated: Jun 16th, 2015 - 16:51:13

The Delivery Trip - Day 5
By Dick & Pip Smith
Mar 29, 2006, 17:00

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After a good night’s sleep, we got going at 7.51am – early for us.  We called into the petrol station (they call it a gas station) and whacked in 30.69 gallons of fuel at US$2.82 per gallon.  Of course we are using diesel.


We were back on Highway 84 West beside the Columbia River and were passing river barges and huge factories.  It is obvious that not only is the railway used and trucks as well as motor vehicles along the highways, but also the Columbia River is used for barge transport.


Dick was surprised to see old style telegraph lines beside the railway line we were following.  No doubt they have a fibre optic cable below but it is obvious they are maintaining the old telegraph lines as well.
Old style telegraph beside the highway


We were now 292 ft above sea level and there is a huge dam on the Columbia River with a lock for the boats to get past.  There were big silos beside the river where the grain is transported by barges and the railway.
Big silos beside the Columbia River


We looked across to the other side of the river, that’s in Washington State, and we could see a long train.
Looking across to Washington State


At Dallas, there was another huge dam with a US flag on it.
A dam at Dallas


Dick was planning to see Sam Seery at Garmin, which is in the town of Salem south of Portland, and we were going to try and get there tonight.  That meant, once again, a lot of driving.


It was now raining and 46°F outside with low cloud.  Unfortunately, instead of taking the Portland by-pass, the GPS brought us right in through the city.  Wow!  There were narrow lanes – great fun with our vehicle.
The signs we should have followed to Salem
Beside us we could see huge American motor homes (the 40 footers with a car in tow) and the drivers seemed to be completely relaxed as they cruised at 65 mph through the under-passes and over-passes in almost the centre of Portland.
A big RV vehicle towing a vehicle behind
Every now and then we got a view through the rain and through the concrete stanchions of the city and the river.  It looked like a place we would love to visit.


At 11.30 am we were at the Lancaster Mall, close to the Garmin factory.  Pip was dropped off to do some shopping and Dick used the GPS to head to Garmin and ask advice about Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) and other air safety issues.


At 2.00 pm Dick had finished his meeting and Pip had finished her shopping and we headed north back along the freeway, after having some Starbucks coffee and a quick Subway sandwich in the shopping centre.
Back onto the highway


The vehicle in front of us had two elderly gentlemen in it and on the back of the vehicle there was a yellow ribbon which read  “US Air Force Retiree – Support our Troops”.  Dick said, “I bet they don’t get booked very often!”


We crossed the Columbia River into Washington State at 3.15 pm.  Once again there were different signs – 60 mph here seemed to be the speed limit where it was 65 mph in Oregon State.  Wow – how do you work this out as you go from state to state?  It was almost as bad as Australia.


The rain started to ease off.  The speed went up to 70 mph, which everyone seemed to be doing.  There was another sign that said, “70 mph for cars and 60 mph for trucks.”  We got the impression that Oregon was the most restrictive state with more rules than anywhere else, whereas Washington seemed to have fewer.


At Toledo, we stopped and refuelled - $2.65 per gallon.  Not bad.  We quickly bought some milk and sweets at the service station and then tracked off the main highway to Tenino on a quiet country road passing big country houses and red barns.  We stopped at a little RV Park and paid the $12.00 for the night.  We were on the side of a lake and it was a great, relaxing place to stay.  We are delighted with our vehicle.
Earthroamer parked in the RV Park


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